The BoxOffice module is plugged into a 1080p HDMI TV and the software can be configured to connect to your wifi network. Lifetime software updates are included with the purchase of the unit. boxOffice scans your home plex library and displays digital movie posters and trailers on your wall. A perfect companion for you home theatre. Optional accessories are listed below. $299

Motion Module

This optional motion detection module enables the unit to turn on your TV only after detecting motion. The TV will remain on for 3 hours without any motion and then will shut off the TV. This module plugs into the BoxOffice module and the included software will control the TV $99

Complete with Frame

This package includes the BoxOffice module, motion sensor, a TV wall mount, HDMI TV, and a Poster Frame that covers the sides of the TV. All components are tested together and meant to be an easy turn-key solution. You simply put the TV mount on wall and connect the TV and BoxOffice $499

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