Welcome Movie Lovers

The boxOffice application was created in memory of the biggest fan of movies we ever knew, "Papa Tim". Tim sure loved his movies. Any new format of movie released he made sure to collect his favorites in each format available (3D, widescreen, BlueRay, you name it). Friday nights were always movie night at home. An audiophile at heart with a constant pursuit to the bigger sound to match impressive pictures. Bringing the movie experience home was about sitting down and having time with family after a week of hard work.

We built the first boxOffice digital poster for Papa Tim because he would have been the first customer and would provide the first testominal to the enjoyment it brings. BoxOffice combines artwork and trailers for your favorite movies and enables you to "Disover your library".

What is boxOffice? digital Movie Posters

The boxOffice product can be purchased for home theatre use or in commercial movie theatres who want an always dynamic always changing way to display current and upcoming attractions.